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I've had in my pile of bits and pieces, to put on my noticeboard, a scrap of paper with an approximation of Ecclesiastes 11:4. Usually I hate it when bible verses are paraphrased, but this time, I didn't really fancy having a verse about a farmer in my office, so settled for this version.

Aqua Version
 I made a little poster up out of it to frame and hang on the wall in my studio and wondered if you'd like it too? I made a few different colours because I know not everyone has the same style as me!

Just click on the version you like and it will (hopefully!) take you to the downloadable version.
Green version

Navy version

Pink version

Purple version

Please don't go trying to sell these, although I like them, I don't think they're good enough to sell, and it's not fair for me who spent my many, many 20 minutes making them :)

Those links lead to the PDF versions, but if you want the .jpg's too, just leave me a comment.

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  1. Thank you and so very true. I chose the Aqua Version.

  2. I need to learn this lesson.. maybe then that uncomplete project lying in my sewing room would be complete.. :)

  3. So true, so true, Samantha! Great idea you had to make and frame this for your wall. I'm going to be downsizing and will have far fewer walls than I do now. So although I like this, I'll save the space for a Civil War print. I may have to hang some of them on top of others, like those great British estates - but I won't have the huge staircase to go with it. :-)

    Great posters! I've been so busy with family and building project. Good to be here at your blog today. :-)

  4. Gorgeous and a lesson worth remembering! Thanks for the reminder :)


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