Sweet Pouch swap 2 - What I sent


Another round of the Sweet Pouch swap is coming to a close and now I've heard from my partner that she's received her pouch, I wanted to share it with you. I'll post the tutorial how to do the owl another day though, but I did remember to take pics, so we're ok!

I chose sweets based on what I like and some British oddities rather than what would be light...oops!

 My partner Louisa likes green & pink, owls & frogs. Seeing as I already had a pattern for an appliqued owl, I thought it would be perfect for her pouch! I cut my linen big enough to fit my owl but it resulted in a fairly large square pouch.

The email giving us our partners didn't say that Louisa had a blog, but if she does and I didn't know about it I'll let you know!

She emailed me over the weekend to let me know that she'd received her pouch and liked it (phew!) so I'll be sure to take some pics when my pouch from her arrives!

As you can see from my below pic, I could do with working on my wrapping skills...apparently sticking some washi tape on it doesn't make it look beautiful when the wrapping is a mess!

I'll be back with a short tute tomorrow on how to make the owl for the front of the pouch!

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  1. That is such a cute pouch. Can't wait for the owl tutorial. Did you have to show us those yummy contents. Now I'm craving some like crazy, I can imagine myself hiding in a corner stuffing my face with that chocolate bar and all the chocolate melted around my mouth. LOL

  2. cute and looks yummy too.

  3. Oh wow, that is the cutest owl I've every seen....of course I'm a lover of lace, and pink, and green!!! Excited about the tute!! (and getting my pouch too!!)

  4. Cute! I still wish I would have gotten in on the swap.

    The washi tape you sent me last time matched my sewing machine so I stuck it on there and left it. Plus, I don't even remember the packing ;)

  5. I'm trying to make out all the different candies and imagine what they might be like. I'm especially intrigued by the cylindrical shaped ones.

    The pouch you made is really adorable, too! My friend really likes owls, so I'll have to keep this in mind when I need to get her Christmas gift ready.


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