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Friends, there are different reasons that new bag patterns come about. Sometimes it's a design necessitated by function, sometimes it's a feature we want to work around. This time, it was a shockingly bad reason. Since I designed the Bow pleat tote, I really wanted to make a miniature version JUST FOR THE NAME!! Isn't 'Little bow pleat' kinda funny? Like little bow peep!

Anyway, so I made the pattern up, because I'm a sucker for an amusing name, and it turned out that it was really cute. Phew! Panic over! Wouldn't it have been awful if it had a cute name, but looked really bad when made up?

Little bow pleat party purse PDF sewing pattern - £3
This bag uses less than a FQ of outer, much less than a FQ for lining and less than a FQ of fusible fleece. This is perfect for those larger scraps that you've got, but aren't quite as big as a fat quarter.

It's now available for sale in my etsy store and my craftsy store, and I'm here to show you the testers bags. Please try not to drool too much!

Liz from Moments blog chose to insert the ribbon loops inside to allow her to add a chain handle later on.
She top stitched the pleats to keep them crisp, this is a great idea for anyone making this bag out of thicker fabrics, or vinyls which don't pleat too well. I told her it was a bit kinky, what do you think?

Maria ignored (AGAIN!) my suggestion that she might not be able to use upholstery fabric (AGAIN!) and proved me wrong (AGAIN!). One day she might even show us some wonky stitching!

Next up is the 'other Maria'. I also think of her as the polite Maria lol!
(Excuse all the photos, I loved her bag!)

Isn't it neat! I love this pale chambray fabric!

Maria also added ribbon loops for a chain handle. She also added slip pockets, which aren't included in the pattern.

What a cutie!

Next up is a new tester, Marisa from Passion et Couture.

Eeeee!!! I love this bag so much! It's so perfect for autumn, and the bow has a lovely luxury look to it being a bit silky.

I could see this bag in a boutique, for sure!

Next up is Mary, who's used a lovely coppery gold fabric, perfect for an autumn wedding, or a Christmas party!

Does everyone remember Nancy? I've yet to find a neater bag maker, and I'm so lucky she tests my patterns for me. Check this out.

How neat is Nancy's bag!? And I love the purple & gold of those leaves on this beautiful fabric.

Because this bag has the bow sewn separately, you can use it as a lovely little clutch and put your fingers through the bow. If you've got a particularly slim wrist you could pop your whole hand through and cradle the bottom of the bag in your hand.

I'm very, very lucky to have the beautiful & talented Nicole as one of my testers. When I sent through this pattern it turned out that Nicole had two weddings coming up, isn't this a perfect clutch to accompany her to these weddings?

Nicole also made this Cambie dress!!

I do love a good hot pink bag!

Once again Sally has produced a very precise, and beautiful shimmery bag that she could bring with her to work, and to play...I'd feel confident bringing this to a wedding any day!

Susie from Susie's Sunroom was amazed at how much fitted into her tiny bag so she stuffed it full for us to have a look and see what it would hold. It doesn't even look very full!

Unfortunately for Terri her bag was seen. You know what that means? Christmas presents have been demanded, orders put in! I don't blame them for wanting one like Terri's!!

Finally we've got Dee's beautiful little bow pleat. She's just had a blog re-design. I had a 'wow' shock when I popped over just now!

So there we go, that's the little bow pleat. Now this is where it gets confusing.

I'm offering this pattern as part of a discounted price 2 pack with the regular bow pleat tote.

If you've already purchased the Bow pleat tote, please contact me either using the contact seller form on etsy, or below as a comment on this post, or by email (if you've got it) for a discount code to bring the price of the little bow pleat pattern down so that you don't miss out on the discounted pack price. It'll take 1/3 off the price, so if you're in the UK, it'll only be £2!!

So to recap, if you've bought the bow pleat tote pattern, the little bow pleat pattern will be £2 for you, if you haven't bought the bow pleat tote pattern, you can buy both for just £5.

If you've got any questions, please do let me know, I love this little pattern!

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  1. I love how different they all are! Great work, ladies!

  2. They are all so pretty. I'll have to make one in some thinner fabric next time. LOLLL

  3. What lovely bags...Marisa's black one would match my kinky one perfectly :-)

  4. Great clutch! All of your testers made very elegant choices of material. Is very chic!!

  5. Very cute Samantha....Just love that name! LOLL All the testers versions are awesome too!

  6. Thanks for such a lovely pattern and showing so many possible color options from the testers! I saw it on Susie's Sunroom and had to come by to check it all out!


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