How to make an adjustable purse strap with two clip ends


Sometimes you want to make your handbag strap removable as well as adjustable, so I've come up with a little tutorial to show you how to do that too.

Firstly you need to make your strap. Cut your fabric 4 x the width of your triglide and the eyes of your swivel clips. They should be the same otherwise you might have issues! You may want to cut the length to as long as you can, I usually like to go for around 50" if not more!

Fold your strap in half lengthways and press well. As you can see I'm only using a scrap for illustration purposes, but I usually always interface my straps if they're made from cotton.

Unfold your strap and press the bottom edge up to the centre crease and press into place. Fold the top edge down to the centre crease and press into place.

Fold the entire strap in half along the original centre crease and press into place. Stitch along both long edges.

Ok, now thread one end of your strap through triglide 1/2"  and stitch to itself.

In the photo below I've got the triglide facing up, with the strap end stitched to secure on the right of it.

You won't see the strap end that's stitched by the triglide, although if you want to neaten it, you can fold the end under 1/4" before stitching into place.

Thread the other strap end through the eye of one of your swivel clips as shown above.

Thread the loose strap end through your triglide over the top of the strap you already have fixed there. This will mean that you won't see the secured strap end from the top.

You should have one loose strap end now, floating around with nothing much going on. Go ahead and thread it through your second swivel clip. Fold it about 1/2" through the clip eye.

You can either turn the end under 1/4" or if you don't have a raw edge, just secure it as it is. I used two lines of stitching and you can see the front side in the photo below.

These clips do swivel, so try to make it neat on both the front and back!

That's it, your strap is ready to clip onto your new bag!

You can find swivel clips & triglides in my Etsy store, and I offer combined shipping. Don't forget to use the blog discount code (ATHOMEWITHMRSH10) for 10% off!

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  1. Purse? Purse? You're Welsh, not American young lady!

  2. Brilliant! I'm not the biggest fan of the tiny handles on some of my bags, so this could come in handy. (love that your nails match the fabric too!)

  3. Lovely tutorial and that fabric is to die for.

  4. Hi Samantha! I used this tutorial of yours to make my first adjustable bag strap. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. It really was worry-free and I loved adding it to a recently clutch strap that I made. If you want to check it out on my blog sometime, feel free. Thanks again!

  5. This is awesome! You can even make different individual straps for any of your purses. I think it will definitely rock your style. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

    Thelma Bowman

  6. This tutorial on how to make an adjustable strap is one of the BEST ever - no scratching of the head or furrowing my brow (which, at 63, I try to avoid since have plenty of wrinkles already!) And your writing style is a delight - love the clarity and humor! I am finishing up a little bag for my aunt and she can't make up her mind as to how long she wants the strap - no more worries now that I've found this brilliant tutorial. Thank you!!!


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