Tester's Sling Bags


Today I've got some of the testers' bags to show you from the Sling Bag pattern. I've with-held two testers bag photos for individual pattern hack posts later on this week!

First up is Kerry from Penny-dog Patchwork. Kerry used a different fabric for each outer side so that the 'flap' can provide a contrast, no matter which way it falls! I love her choice of fabrics, it brings me hope that spring might come one day!

Next up is Kim from Babes & Brides. Her daughter saw this pattern and immediately requested it be made in her choice of fabrics! Needless to say, Kim has to make another for herself now!!

 Next up is Maria, who helpfully took some photos of her inside showing me her pockets! Maria used a fairly plain fabric, and jazzed it up with a little bling. I love how effortless this bag looks, it's sure to enhance any outfit!
 Marisa from Passion et Couture went a little crazy and cut her bag from a pair of jeans. WOW! Isn't the transformation amazing? She also chose to move the strap tabs to the front of the bag rather than the side for a bit of added interest. It's amazing how great this bag looks!
 Next up is Mary who added a back slip pocket for a mobile phone and used the most beautiful fabric outside and even more beautiful fabric for the lining! It's got that touch of luxury, no doubt about it!

 Nancy chose to make two bags, and I'm hard pressed to choose a favourite! I can think of multiple outfits that would suit either one of these bags if they were mine!

As you can see from Nancy's photos of her lining, there's plenty of space inside, perfect for those of us who like to travel with minimum junk (ha!)

Sally from Life in Sally's World helpfully used her red pen for her testing notes, it made me feel very special! She cut out some designs from her lining to appliqué onto her bag. Isn't it beautiful!

Susie from Susie's Sunroom slashed her outer and added a contrast band, then she made her strap two sided for a bit of extra fun. She's already had compliments on her bag while being out and about, I'm not surprised, good work Susie!

 Despite snot being very well last week, Terri from A Creative Princess really did herself proud with this test bag! I love the pink & grey, very much my colours!
 Finally Wendy from The Crafter's Apprentice made this beautiful version with a pieced strap. Wendy had multiple things crop up to try and prevent her from finishing, but finish she did, and a great job too!

What do you think of their versions? Are you already starting to think about how you can customise your own Sling bag?

Pop over to Craftsy & download your free copy now!

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  1. I want one of each! LOL They are all so cute. I almost want to pull out my 35 year-old sewing machine and see if it still works....

  2. some fab bags! I love the way Marissa did her strap and Kerry's double sided version. I think me and Kerry need to take these bags to our next Guild meeting so we can be twins!

  3. so much variation and inspiration... up cycled jeans, luxury fabrics, cute embellishments. they look great.

  4. Finally today I have time to sit and stroll through my favorite blogs. It gave me pleasure to be a tester for this bag. All bags are very pretty. I just uploaded my post blogging about your bag, I made a link to your post here and another to your Craftsy store. After I sent the pictures of my bag to you, I decided to add a flower to the bag, I found that it was missing something ... if you visit my blog you will find the final photos. I suggest this pattern to everyone who wants to learn how to make a bag and for those who already know how to sew, as you see an ideal pattern for recycling. All the testers did an amazing job!
    Thanks for the pattern, I loved it!
    Marisa from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/

  5. I just wanted to show you the Sling Bag I just sewed up! Love your pattern! Thank you!


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