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It's incredibly hard to get hold of handbag supplies and bag making equipment in the UK, so I gave up hunting and started stocking them myself, ordering in bulk to make sure I could sell at competative prices.

That's the main reason I have the triglides and buckles in my Etsy store, I figured if I was finding it hard to get hold of, I can't be the only one!

I had to de-activate all of my hardware listings while I was so ill with Hyperemesis Gravadarium because I was very keen to ensure that hardware was posted within 24 hours and I wasn't able to achieve that.

Now I'm able to get out and about a bit more I've gone through my stock and updated the levels and re-activated a lot of handbag making supplies! I didn't realise I had so much, you'll have to help me clear the decks a bit!

So now I've got swivel clips and clasps, round tongue locks (aka tuck catches) and flower magnetic snaps in stock...

Purse making supplies

...as well as my regular adjustable strap kits, triglides, buckles and rectangular rings.

Triglides & buckles for making adjustable purse straps
I've also listed some paper copies of my Rosie Patchwork bag pattern which come with full size pattern pieces printed on good quality 90gsm paper.

Paper copies of the Rosie patchwork bag sewing pattern
I'll also be listing sample bags and some bunting over the next little while so if that's your bag (so to speak!) keep an eye out for those!

Don't forget, because you're my favourite people there's a discount code for you to use on my Etsy store!

Please do feel free to 'contact seller' if there's some weird and wonderful combination of hardware that you want, I can probably pop them in together and save you on postage!

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  1. Great idea to become a supplier! Your purses are so great!

  2. ARGH I needed you about 2 weeks ago! I've written a bag tutorial for a magazine- I'll send them a note and ask them to reference your shop as a supplier of the bits needed- you had everything and I had to go to two different shops!

  3. Thank you for that, I order most of all on ebay. I going to have a look at your shop


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