Help, she's gone quiet....!


You know when your toddler has all of a sudden gone quiet, you know they're up to something?

Yup, that's the same for me!

I'm busy plotting and planning....but mostly I've gone quiet on Facebook as I've given it up for Lent.

I don't usually give anything up for Lent, but sometimes you come to a point where you think, this is ruling me. I was spending a huge amount of my available time in the day checking Facebook, either on my phone or my computer. I'd pop onto the bag groups and start liking people's photos, or answering queries, joining discussions and before I knew it, nap time is over and I hadn't got anything done.

So that's why I've been quiet. You might see the occasional auto-post from Instagram as I'm still active there, but if you post in a group I'm in, or on my business page, I'm afraid I won't see it until Easter!

You can still get hold of me using Facebook Messenger or by email, or of course commenting on my blog!

In the meantime I've been working on a new pattern with my testers. This one is due to be released this weekend and is well and truly suitable for beginners!

I'll be back with more info about it and the testers' versions later in the week, if not this weekend!

If I go quiet again, you know I'm up to mischief....right?

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  1. I love the shape of your saddle bag!

  2. Such a cute bag! Love the size!! How great to have one for beginners, and one that isn't stressful to make !

  3. thats a sweet bag, Samntha! Looks like it would be well suited to leather as well...doesn't look like too much layering. Great!

  4. That's a lovely shape! I should have an email and pics for you at the end of the weekend

  5. I should have given up instagram! HOURS of possible sewing time down the drain. Oh well, next year maybe :0)

    The bag looks great. If only I had the time to make one!


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