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Hi Friends,

I'm back today with some beautiful versions of The Saddlebag pattern made by my ever talented testers!

I had a lot of new to me testers this time, and I'm so grateful to them for stepping in and making this a very thoroughly tested pattern!

First up is Ana with this beautiful Cork fabric and denim version! She used studs and bling on the strap holding the flap closed, it looks great!

Secondly is the first of Barbara's two versions, I believe it'll be going up for charity auction in April, so if you're interested keep your eyes peeled!

I like to think she chose Elvis fabric in honour of baby Elvis!

Next up is Mary with this beautiful version. I would love some of this fabric in my living room, it'd fit perfectly!

Helen's next with this Saddlebag which features a fab stripe for a pop of colour. It also gives you a good idea of the size of this bag seeing it modelled.

Janet made this extremely pretty version and quilted her exterior fabric. I love the button on the front flap strap!

Joan made this really fun bright version! I thought I'd show you the back and inside so that you could see the pockets. The back has this large, full width pocket and inside there's a zipped pocket (which is optional) and a slip pocket.

Kathleen made this next Saddlebag with some fabric that's sure to last her well into summer, in fact, I think it's a great year round bag, it looks beautiful!

Next up is Liz from Moments, who for once has put her pleather aside for this beautiful burnt orange fabric. Her photos give you a great idea of the shaped side view.

Margareth has combined two different butterfly prints in her Saddlebag and even used contrast piping on her flap, it looks great!

Maria has made a perfect bag to go with any outfit! I love this neutral teamed with the geometric print for the lining, plus those buttons on the front really give this bag a slick look!

Nancy has chosen my favourite colour (grey) and yellow for her Saddlebag, using piping on the flap as well as the back pocket. It's a great combination!

Next up is Pat who used this fabulous buckle! It was just waiting for a project to show it off, and this bag certainly does the trick! I spy some 'Handmade' bag bling on the back pocket there from Emmaline bags!

Shannon's saddlebag certainly doesn't disappoint! This gorgeous version is perfect to shake away the winter cobwebs and spring into...well...spring lol! It's a great fabric combination!

Simone's bag is next and there's something fishy about this pattern test! Her bag looks great with that contrast top stitching! Check out her blog, The Equilateral Donkey

Barbara's second bag is made in this fabulous tweed, check out the pattern matching on her back stripes! I love the front flap strap, it looks great in the green with the bag bling 'Made in Canada' on the front!

Last, but by no means least is Terri from A Creative Princess. I just love her pop of pink, it really gives it the 'wow'! Terri added a magnetic snap to the interior ready for when she slings her bag down, great idea!

This bag is ideal for beginners, I had a few beginner bag makers among the above testers, you can't tell, can you, they're great! I'm so thankful for my testers again, they make sure that the pattern you purchase is a quality pattern resulting in a great finish to your bag.

If you'd like to make your own Saddlebag, don't forget you can buy the pattern on Patterns to Print or Etsy.

I look forwards to seeing your versions!

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  1. Those are all WONDERFUL!! I thought the bag was small, but it really is huge!! Just my size! Are any of these for sale and where do you find them?

  2. It's a really cute pattern, and all of the testers' versions turned out wonderfully! Well done!

    I especially like the photo of the modeled bag, too! It's so helpful to see the scale.

    I love seeing each new pattern you do, Mrs. H! :)

  3. Beautiful! If it wasn't for the modeled bag I was thinking it was smaller. Love the ones with the buttons on the closing strap. So cute!

  4. This bag is just perfect! Your testers made beautiful creations, I can not choose. The fabrics, details, shape ... this bag is on my list of projects to do!

  5. Top scores for your pattern testers! They're all fantastic. I love the added buckle on pats bag. This looks like a great design.

  6. I love seeing all of the different tester versions of the bags and how everyone manages to make their version different from the others.


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