The Window Shopper Tote {Testers Pics}


Hi lovelies,

How are you all liking the February bag, the Window Shopper tote?

Today I thought I'd show you the tester bags, they're gorgeous!

First up is Amy from Virginia Girl Design who made her front pocket flat, and added a flap! I love the contrast of the grey pocket and gusset! By adding a bag label to the back of her bag, both sides are pretty!
 Next up is Crystal from The Cloth Albatross. Crystal added piecing to her front pleated pocket and her back wide pocket and added her feature fabric to the top of the bag. Crystal also used eyelets on the strap holders rather than the triangular rings, it's a great option and mirrors the handles perfectly!
 Ellen took this pattern and really made it her own! She chose to pleat the front pocket, not following the instructions but making these tiny pin-tucks. I think they're gorgeous and her bag looks so classy because of it! Unfortunately if you want to know how to do this you'll have to ask Ellen, it's not in the pattern!
 Next up is Emma from Emkie Designs, she also changed the pattern slightly and left off the front pleated pocket. Emma chose to use this gorgeous Echino fabric, so new she'd need to leave the pleated patch pocket off to make the most of the print. Make the most of it she has!
 Jayne chose to do some stunning embroidery and make her back her front! I love the contrast of the zip in the lining and how slick this bag looks!
 Katie pattern matched her pockets so well that she had to pull her front pocket out for us to see it! She chose to leave out the pleats to make sure it didn't interfere with the design. Katie used a twin zipper which I think works perfectly for this bag. That top left view is gorgeous!
 Margareth from Maggie made bags also added a flap to her Window Shopper tote, but she chose to add a couple of inches to the gusset width to make it suit her needs more. She also added piping to her pockets which really helps them to stand out!
 Next up is the adorable Nancy from Fun with Fabric! I love that she modelled her bag to give us an idea of scale. She's so cute! Nancy used piping along the top of her pockets too and different fabrics for the lining top and the main lining, it makes Nancy's Window Shopper really look professional!
 Pat chose to use contrasting fabric for her outer pockets, and I love that she's picked up that teal from the back pocket in her lining. I love the contrasting zip too! You can just see a little pop of colour at the end of her zip in the middle photo, that's a little ribbon to help you pull the zip open. Thanks to Janelle from Emmaline bags for that little tip!
Next is Liz from Moments, she chose to embroider her wide back pocket and use that as the front.
I love her bag, and it's so her! She used strips of faux leather to raw edge appliqué on the side without the pocket.
Liz has just released her first pattern, the Up, Up and Away passport wallet, you should check it out, it's amazing and comes together so well!

Simone chose to use a big bold print, perfect for the Window Shopper tote!
And finally, Maria from Mia Creates took some time out from her really busy schedule to sew up the Window Shopper for us. I love her fabric choices, they're so pretty!

I told you the testers' bags were gorgeous! I can't wait to start seeing the club members bags come through in the facebook group, there's so much talent and individuality in there!

How are you getting on with your Window Shopper Tote?

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  1. All great bags! I love how some testers use embroidery to embellish their bag. Liz's bag is very her. Even her great sense of humor is reflected in the bag.

  2. I really love this bag and it is big enough for all the stuff I carry!! Some day I will sew again!

  3. I LOVE seeing them all in once place. It's amazing how a few simple changes can create a totally different looking bag. Mine is partially cut, can't wait to get it up and posted on my blog.

  4. Choosing fabric while awaiting the slim magnetic snaps to arrive. Love seeing all the test bags in one place. Hope to start sewing my Window Shopper in just a few days. Need to finish something else first.

  5. Choosing fabric while awaiting the slim magnetic snaps to arrive. Love seeing all the test bags in one place. Hope to start sewing my Window Shopper in just a few days. Need to finish something else first.

  6. They all look great and so different. The collection would look better with my pics in it too. ;)


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