The Shoe Of Salvation


Unfortunately for this post, I've had to steal the title from one of the most insightful men in the world. Edward Monkton. How this man gets into the heads of girls/ladies/women I have no idea, but he writes things that make me certain he truly knows what makes us tick!
Although I'm risking copyright jazz here I'm going to post my favourite poem from him:

SHOE: Look at me, am I not wonderful?
LADY: You are the most wonderful shoe in the world. I fall to my knees and weep with pleasure when I am with you.
LADY: You are BEAUTY. You are TRUTH. In you I find my SALVATION.
SHOE: Thank you. You are a nice lady.

There's one brand of shoes that I think really could be described as true shoes of salvation. Irregular Choice they are called and I chose them for my bridal shoes. Purple, floral, beribboned and with bright orange insoles....surely you can't go wrong under a white wedding dress with purple shoes?

You're bound to be onto a winning marriage with wedding shoes like that surely?!

Well, anyway, having further researched 'Irregular Choice' shoes, I have come across some shoes that I think are nice, glorious and lots of pairs that are just plain odd. There are of course many plain odd shoes on their catalogue, but to save cluttering up my blog with weird shoes, I've just chosen the glorious ones to display.

Here they are:

I know many men would are meant to be functional, but us girls know that of course they have to be functional. You get shoes for walking, shoes for running, shoes for looking good, shoes for impressing other shoe appreciation society members, shoes for shopping in, shoes for sitting in, shoes for wearing when you don't have to move because you can't walk in them but they look good.

For a lot of us ladies who've been many different dress sizes and struggled with our self image, to know you can rely on shoes always being the same size is a great relief in this world. Shoes can be associated with feelings, and I will always smile and be happy whenever I put on my wedding shoes because they will always remind me of my gorgeous husband Dus.

Maybe you boys should take a leaf out of our books....get rid of your boring black loafers/brogues or whatever awful things you're wearing and get a bit more adventurous and you might find fulfilment and joy. I know a lovely young man who will forever associate his red shoes with a happy day, and I hope he continues to have happy days in those red shoes.

On a slightly random note, there was a saying at school that wearing red shoes meant you had no undies on....I hope it's not true as I myself wore red shoes to church last Sunday and I'd hate to think my fellow church members were looking at me thinking...'hmm red shoes...'

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  1. Aha! The comments were turned on!

    As a woman, I'd like to say you can never have enough handbags or shoes.

  2. Aww thanks for the mench! I will always think of you and your big day when I wear my red footwear which btw are my other pair of shoes. I only have two.

    Also, if you can belive this, I *was* wearing pants to your wedding. White ones. I thought about getting some pink ones specially after misunderstanding your bra color stunt on facebook but felt it would have led to lewdness and people comparing their pants.


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