8 days later.....


Maybe I should set myself a reminder to just sit down and get it all out!

Ok, to summarise:

1) I was described as the 'Martha' from the Mary and Martha story where Mary sits at Jesus' feet, and I'm not sure I can see what's wrong with that totally! Obviously I see where Mary was doing the right thing by learning, but you still gotta eat!

2) I am shocked by all of the Christians who do not vote, and are proud of not voting. If all the Christians voted for a Christian party.....just think how great that would be!

3) I've been battling the garden this week to get it to a stage where we can sit out there in the glorious weather that I know is coming our way (it's already been 15C!) and enjoy it. I've always tried to tidy up the gardens of the houses I've lived in, but being a bit lacking in upper body strength (a girly wimp), I've gotten to a point and had to ask for help, which has never been forthcoming. So this house I've done all the 'tidying up' as Dus has been busy touting himself for business (www.husseycoding.co.uk), but it's somehow been easier knowing that the help is there if I need it, and that really, he wants to help in the garden too. It's satisfying being part of a team, even if you're working on different projects at the time.

4) I've opened myself up to the possibility that God actually might want me to work outside the home and not be the housewife that I love being and that Dus and I were actually quite set on. I've applied for about 5 jobs now, I've set my expectations quite high, and have decided not to apply for jobs just for the sake of it, cos if God really does want me to have a 'proper' job, I'll have to live with it!
So far I've had a call back from one agency recruiting for a store manager position, which if I was considered for it and got it, would mean the end to our monthly worries,but I'm not sure how it would affect my bankruptcy order and whether it would be overturned and I'd then have to spend the next 12 years paying it all back. Anyway, God already knows whether I'd be better off working, if I'd be happier, whether I'd have to pay back the ex's debts and all that, so I guess once again I need to learn to TRUST & OBEY.....

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