Election Day


So today I voted. Ok, moving on. Today's been a really frustrating day for me and I just feel like I wanna let the grizzly bear of anger out and see what fun it can have with everyone who normally I deal with in such patience but today seems to have pushed all the wrong buttons. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, just usually I am able to swallow things that I am now finding thoughtless, attacking and plain rude.
On a slightly different note, I can't for the life of me work out my desire to have a flame whilst I'm working. For some reason I just can't crack on with things unless I have a candle burning on my desk.
Anyway, I'm sure others also get the grizzly bear of anger inside sometimes, maybe it's just me who's unable to keep it locked up and instead let it into my life. Sure there's always going to be people who speak too loudly, don't listen to your opinions, accuse you of things that they then can't back up so move on from, or people who are lazy to do what they're asking you to do for them. It's just about how you deal with them I guess. And then the other part of me thinks, why should I deal with them at all? These are the people who never have to try, who never have to work hard, who never lay awake in the night wondering if their friend's are lonely because we can't be nearer. Why should we make allowances for them?
Then I remind myself that my Saviour Jesus made allowances for me.

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