She's a Laydeeeeeee


Wooooohooooohhhhooooaaaaaaaahhhhh she's a laydeeeeee....
Anyway, Miss Congeniality aside....I think there are certain qualities that turn a female into a lady, and I like to think that I strive to achieve these each and every day. I do also accept that being a 'lady' is quite an old fashioned thing to aim for, and really is not very PC or 'equal'. Well forget equality, because I sure didn't ask for it, and I sure don't want it. There's no way on this earth that I am ever going to be equal to my husband at being able to seal around the the same way that he's never going to be equal to me in domesticity. It's a fact, men and women are not equal, we're different.
Anyway, back to the subject....
To be a Lady

*A lady should dress modestly.
*A lady should act demurely where possible (when her husband is present and pretending he's clever for example).
*A lady should enter and exit a car with her knees together whilst wearing a skirt or dress.
*A lady should accept that although her tiara is styled with impeccable taste, it may make others feel inferior if she wore it all the time, so leaves it at home on those occasions.
*A lady should try to make everyone she meets feel better for having met her.
*A lady should know her worth and not need reassurance of her worth from anyone other than her husband. (If unmarried, then from God as no man has the right to judge a lady unless married to her)
*A lady should not say things that do not need to be said no matter how much she wants to say them (especially when emotions are present)
*A lady should never show her toes in public without painted toenails.
*A lady should ensure that her smile always reaches her eyes.
*A lady holds her head up high in the knowledge she's a lady, despite never once having to be told she's a lady.

reaches for the nail polish

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  1. A lady is just as graceful in her beat up old Chucks as she is in high heels.

  2. Some of us dare not wear heels.....


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