Happy Holiday Monday


Yes, yes, yes, I know Ben, it's been well over a month...I KNOW!

Gosh, I've been so busy in November and December, I've just had to let some things slide....blogging it appears to be one of them.

I tried to go as handmade as possible this year with my gifts which was fairly time consuming, but ever so much fun and when my sister called on Christmas Day afternoon enthusing about their gifts, my head couldn't help but swell a little!

I think next year I'll aim for fully handmade and prepare myself for a little more head swelling!

Anyway, so, Christmas this year was a fairly odd affair for me. It was our first Christmas married so we decided we'd spend Christmas day on our own this year. We had tons of food in the cupboard (despite the snow stopping us moving our car for well over a week before the big day) and pressie galore under the tree.

We've not managed to see our church family in weeks now as the church has been...well...snowed out I guess could be the phrase for it so I've missed them hugely. I thought that a Christmas Day with just us two and lots of presents would be great! We popped down the road to the Methodist church as it was the closest to us without having to trek which was nice. It was very formal and the audience participation is not quite what we're used to, but they were very welcoming, and to me, Christmas day without church is just not an option.
It's coming up for 2 years now since I became a Christian and I guess to me Christmas day without going to church is like I've forgotten to spend some time out praising God for the hugest gift He's ever given me. Anyway, I digress.

So we got up, opened our stocking gifts...mine consisted of lots and lots of bath things and chocolate and Dus' of toys....interesting lol. Then we went to church, came home, bummed around a bit watching Christmas telly. Had some lunch (cheese and salad wraps this year, we didn't feel like beans on toast) then opened our pressies. Then back to the telly. It just didn't feel right though. I don't want to say I was bored...but I was bored. It wasn't Christmas to me, and I've realised that as much as I want to believe I'm a present fiend, really, Christmas isn't the presents, it's the people.

Yes, of course I love Dus, but I missed my church family, I missed my real family and I missed seeing friends. Next year I think we'll either have to go somewhere or have people come to ours to avoid the dreaded boredom of JUST presents!! (I seriously never thought I'd say that!).

Boxing Day (or St Stephen's Day to give it it's proper name) was a much better day! We had Steve & Jackie, Muttley & Mountain Goat and the ever beautiful Stacey come around for a chat meet and I decided to do some food...as you do.

Admittedly, I needed no encouragement, but the thought of people coming round for that coveted 'visiting' day sent me flying the oven and I baked many treats! Bramble jelly tarts, mince pies, Christmas shaped shortbread (Steve thought it ever so hilarious to call the large snowmen 'longbread' but I'm still not sure why). I stood back and admired the table and realised I had a table full of treats so hastily made some sarnies to go with it! I had such a huge amount of fun with my friends and to me, it was just an ideal day. It was far more 'Christmassy' and I had the excitement and anticipation I'd not had the day before, so it would seem I've finally worked out a little more about my character this holiday season.

The next excitement on the list is Evey & Benny (independently but at the same time) coming to visit for New Year. Dus and Evey are running the Nos Galan this year and Benny's just coming to stand with me on the sidelines and pretend we could run it if we wanted to, we just chose not to this time! We'll have some nibbles afterwards if anyone wants to join in our New Years Eve celebrations and to help me celebrate my 2nd birthday. I know it's a tiny bit of a cliché to be born again on New Years Eve, but that was God's time for me, so who am I to question it! I'm just glad He did choose me.

Speak to you next year all! xx

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  1. I had a wonderful time sat in the corner with a pink blankie to keep me warm. Doing my best attempt at being an old man.

  2. oh!!!! im cooking and baking today lol xx


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