I had a spare 5 minutes after typing up all the youth group finances and registers and trying to work out how to talk about Jesus without the teens shutting off so I thought I'd pop on and check out my dashboard and what's been going on in the world....and I realised it's been 4 days since I posted!

I'm surprised the blog police Benny hasn't noticed before now and given me a little nag nudge in the blog direction!!

I've been busy doing lots of things, but I think my multi vitamins have kicked in (and I was able to go buy some more almonds) as I've had huge amounts of energy this week!

Monday I rearranged the living room...I hadn't meant to, I started off just moving the sofa to hoover behind it and that was that!

Tuesday I painted the landing with some lovely freebie paint from the girl next door. It's proper contract paint so it dried pronto and only needed one coat...Thanks Leah!!

Wednesday I ...urm...go a bit fuzzy here trying to remember...oh yes, I made a lovely zipped purse from some strawberry print fabric and bought a you do. Then we went to Kids Club and had a good time,  not too bad time we spent the few hours there being jumped on.

Today I started sorting through my paperwork. I seem to have accumlated half a shelf of paper stuff important documents just from doing what we do at church! Dunno how it happened but at least it's all nice and ordered now. I'm sure there'll be more to come now I've taken on the secretarial role....unless I can convince the rest of the church to become paperless!

Anyway, so tonight we're off to STOMP youth group soon ready to face the mighty onslaught of teenagers who don't want to respect us or our building...and we're going to talk about 'where your treasure is, there your heart shall be' which should be interesting. It's gotten better lately and although we've had nightmare sessions, I've not come home feeling disheartened. I just know that God's peace has come over the situation and in His time the kids will start to think about what they're doing with their lives.

All we aim to do is show these kids love and as long as we accomplish that, it's enough for me at the moment.

Talking of which....time to go!

Chat later lovelies xx

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