Pineapple Joy


So, I know it's a bit weird, but I really have to share with you the most amazing tool my kitchen contains.

Can ya tell what it is yet? *said in a Rolph Harris kinda way*

It's a pineapple corer/slicer! With pineapples at £1 in Tesco at the moment (they're in season.....) I cannot resist...but isn't cutting a pineapple the most hated task around? I hate it anyway, so I tend to buy a pineapple, leave it, leave it a while longer, make Dus cut it and then it goes off within a day so we chuck it away. But no! Last year I bought this pineapple dudey and check out the goodness we experienced just this week....I can't rightly remember when to be honest, but it was a joyous day.
Why yes my observant reader, that is a grossly wrung out tea bag in the background...and a postman's elastic band....and a tupperware lid poking in from the side....ah shurrup!

As you can see, we managed the slices....the hollowed out shell (which we always think we'll do something cool with but end up chucking it away cos it's leaking onto the side), the sliced off spikey top, some core chunks (which Dus loves but I would chuck if it were me) and a shot of pineapple juice....deslish! 

In fact, I know there's some still in the fridge....back soon........

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  1. I have to agree. I saw "Pineapple Corer/slicer", and thought "Pffff, gadgety wastings." But, on seeing the result ... rather impressed.
    Sounding like an American housewife from one of those info-mercials, now.

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