The logic of clothes


Obviously it's logical to wear clothes, that's not what this is about.

So...picture the scene.

Me, hauling some big bags of cast offs down the stairs, Dussy watching with bemused face.

Dusband: Baybee, what are you doing taking those bags of clothes downstairs?

Me: I'm getting them ready to take to the charity shop.

Dusband: So why have you just spent £50 on new clothes? Couldn't you just wear those clothes?

Me: Hmmm *walks off to find consolidation in a bar of galaxy*

See a theme here? Anyway, to me it's perfectly logical. Just cos I have a wardrobe full of clothes doesn't mean THOSE are the clothes I want to wear. Dur!

Dress £7, Matalan Sale

(Also they were in the Matalan £1 sale. I bought 9 items. Not sure how comes I'm paying £50 but a sale is a sale!)

Cardi, £7, Matalan Sale

Wonder if any of the trousers will fit me....might have to get to learning to hem one of these days!

Trousers, £7, Matalan Sale
P.s. I've just worked out how comes I'm not paying £9....must stick to £1 items in future!

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