Man flu


I know man flu is a deadly strain of virus that can cause almost certain death unless the man suffering lays on the sofa croacking and calling for sustenance.

But I feel iiiiiiilll!

I made some chocolate chip biscuits today. I ate 6.

Leigh from the sewing Diva challenged me to a sew off. I have a top pattern and fabric and I've had it for months. Leigh has some fabric and some palazzo pants up her sleeve (metaphorically speaking). We set ourselves a week. The week ends this then!

I had hoped that it would take my mind off my deadly strain of woman flu and help me to relax now this week. I cut it all out the first couple of days and have sewn most of it up til today. I'm just putting off putting the zip in....I even did the hemming despite my hatred of it!

I'm blaming the hemming on my waking up without much of a voice today. Poor old Dus has put on a brave face though and insisted my not having a voice won't affect him too much today. How kind of him! :P Leigh, I promise I'll have it finished by Saturday!! *scurries off for some more 'non drowsy' cold medicine which makes me feel sleepy*

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  1. Oh the stories we could share about man flu vs. woman flu! I hear ya loud & clear :) I hope you feel better soon!


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