I've just found a folder full of pics just waiting for me to document the day I upgraded my bookcases.

I took them in February of this year....anyway, moving on.

Here's our upstairs corridor before.

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, so the bookcases I wanted were £80 each but then miraculously just as I had some money they went down to £50 for both! hurrah!

Here's Dusband putting them together. Doesn't he look hunky!

Now there is so much room I was able to move all my girly novels onto them from the original shelves but also Dus' boy novels, his work books (MASSIVE tomes on coding) and all his cd's. I do wish I'd taken a pic when they were newly filled as they could do with a bit of a tidy up now!

On the left hand set at the bottom is all our wrapping 'stuff' hence the messiness of it.

I love them and the corridor doesn't feel at all narrow like I thought it might do.

p.s. yes I know our floor is wonky and the door is wonky....our whole house is wonky!!

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