Monkey cakes


Yesterday saw an event that our little friends from church have been waiting for weeks to happen.

There is a family at our church with a boy & a girl who are about 9 and 11 (I think....!) and we had promised that they could come to our house and make some cakes during the holidays. The last kids club of the term they (the children) pinned me down to a definite date which is probably the best way. We fill our time so quickly that if they were waiting on me they'd maybe be leaving school before I'd set a date!

Anyway, so after their swimming lesson they arrived at our house slightly damp haired, super excited and clutching a mass of highly scented sweet peas. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were and promptly found them a home in some water where they could scent our entire downstairs.

Anyway, Nana and Grandpa dispatched to enjoy themselves for a couple of hours we donned our pinnies and set to the serious business of sugary treats.

We made half the batch vanilla and half chocolate. While we were waiting for them to cool we satisfied our sugar cravings with a couple of bowls of bananas, apples, grapes and cherries. I forgot we had some straweberries in the fridge drawer but I'm sure I'll be able to finish those up :)

Well.....we were chomping away when Dus spotted Kerplunk under the telly and challenged the children to a slightly over complicated version using a giant blow up dice.

Anyway, so once the cakes were out and cool we split the chocolate and vanilla lots so both children had the same number of each flavour with one extra plain cake left over. It was decided this could be the prize for the next game of kerplunk.

The boy (let's call him L which is slightly less odd than 'THE BOY') decided upon bright red butter icing. The girl (let's call her M which is slightly less odd than 'THE GIRL')decided on a pinky colour of glace icing. I'm sure more of M's icing ended up in her mouth than on her cakes. :P

Silvery balls, coloured sugar, chocolate drops, hundreds&thousands (sprinkles to the rest of you) and coloured icing pens later and we were left with two plates full of masterpieces.

We stopped for a well deserved lunch break and the deciding game of kerplunk (I dismally...almost in the minus points) for the extra plain cupcake. L won the game and claimed the prize for his own. He put it with his cakes to take home for his Grandpa.

We only let them eat one cake each having decided that they contain enough sugar to keep them going for a while and we couldn't really return them to their Nana completely loopy on sugar!

M made a cake for me and decorated it specially. She also made one for Dus with a banana made out of chocolate drops. We decided Dus was a monkey so it was apt.

In case you're not very good at reading red icing that says 'For you' and there is a flower made from chocolate drops and silver balls. Isn't it super cute!

I didn't get a chance to take a pic of Dus' cake...he ate it before I'd finished blinking!!

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