Energy suppliers


Dusband got his calculator out, set himself up a spreadsheet, and got to work calculating whether we were still on the best deal for our gas and electricity.

Now that all 6 major suppliers have finished with their 16% price hikes it was time really. We have been paying £76 a month for our gas and electricity combined with npower. That's a lot right?! Apparently that's how much we needed to be paying for the units we were using.

Anyway, so Dusband calculated it to be cheaper over at the co-operative energy for us as we'd only need to pay £90 a month rather than a newer £118 a month. (ONLY?! ONLY?!)

I hadn't realised that Wales is the most expensive for energy barring only the south west. Great eh?

Anyway, he looked so cute that I snapped a few pics. He hates having his photo taken.....


Uh oh he's seen me!

Trying to concentrate whilst being watched....

Uh oh....he's advancing to put a stop to this silliness

Eeeek! Save me!

Sneakily shot from under the armpit after Dus thought he'd got through to me about not taking his picture. Hee hee! Spy Sammy I am!
Anyway, I just wanted to share his batman socks with you :)

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  1. I love his Batman socks. I noticed them in the first shot and if you had not mentioned them, I would still have commented on them :) Too awesome for words ... but then, I'm a sock person :)


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