The store window of dreams


Ok, not everyone's dreams...certainly not most people's dreams...but definitely mine!

The Dusband and I were in Cardiff a few weeks ago and spotting this shop window I had to take a few pics to share with you.

A whole shop window full of vintage sewing machines!!! Real ones too, I had a closer look and they were all well used, hard worked machines. *swoon*

We popped in and I found a lovely chunky asymmetrical jumper, unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to spend the £170 it cost.....I think it was one of the cheaper items too. Never mind, content yourselves with a couple of closeups of the windows!

Maybe when we're rich *ahem* our mansion can have a sewing museum :) x

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  1. Strangely enough I saw my local All Saints store (Brighton) today and was looking on in wonderment at all the old sewing machines! Goodness knows what it cost to fill all their store windows with those machines... I love their clothes, but their prices are way out of my league!


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