Colchester Zoo


Ok, I so wanted to put an 'm' on the end of that zoo :)

Anyway, remember when we went away in September? Well it was one of our nieces birthdays. She'd been having some upsets with mean girls at her school so to celebrate we took her to the zoo then had a family only posho dinner party at her house. We all dressed really smartly and were served a posh menu with a candlelit table.

I didn't take any pics of the poshest dinner party in the world, but I did take some pics of the zoo.

We could feed the elephants and the we did!

By we I mean my sister & brother in law, Dus and 2 of the small monkeys. Penultimately small monkey and I hung out with the camera laughing at the massive globules of saliva dripping off people's hands after feeding the elephants.

Seriously people, they gob ALL over your hand. Giraffes are very refined in their eating and wrap their tongues around the food and take it off you. Much cleaner and nicer!

The elephants waiting to go and be fed
Random other people feeding the elephants
She's so cute waving goodbye to the elephant :)
Maybe I didn't need flash

Giraffes + intruder

The giraffe who'd come for some munching action

Distributing the eucalyptus leaves

This lady kept up a running commentary of all information you could ever want/need to know about giraffes. She was completely unfazed by no one listening to her. Amazing. I thought she was interesting anyway.

See how wrinkly this giraffe is? That's cos it's a young one. Apparently they have skin larger than them that they grow into as it doesn't stretch like ours. As soon as I'm wrinkly that's gonna be my fave excuse!!

 So, that was our day at the zoo. :)

Samantha x
p.s. the sun bears were my absolute favourite. Claws of a sloth, colour of a panther and the tongue of a giraffe. Perfect!

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love those types of memories!

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster blog award! Hope you like it! x


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