What I wore Sunday #16


So this week's shop your closet challenge from Yellow Blackbird was to wear a scarf.

I'm quite good with scarves. By that I mean I only have two, but I wear them often :)

Today I was keen to wear my new skirt (remember the dilemma with all my skirts falling down?) that I bought with my birthday money. Wait, didn't I tell you it was my birthday last Tuesday? Ah well, never mind, next year!

Anyway, so I searched high and low and low and high and went in EVERY single shop in this darned town looking for a skirt. I found one. ONE! In the whole town! In my size I mean, charity shops obviously had some but none my size.

I wasn't too sure on it cos of the buttons down the front. It's very in style at the moment along with all the other 80's styles I remember the first time round. Unfortunately my reluctance to take part in this current trend is borne from the shame I felt in the 90's looking at the photos of me in these clothes the first time round. This one is ok though and doesn't look too fashionable.

I'm finding in my grand old age (I'm 29 now) that I'm preferring more classical styles that are not so trend aware. If you're not IN fashion then you can't go OUT of fashion surely?

Anyway, I've rambled on...here's my outfit today.

Scarf: New Look, Jumper: Primarni, Skirt: Peacocks, Nude fishnet tights: Primarni, Cowboy boots: Peacocks. 

Hmm, I'm seeing a trend here with my clothing!

This scarf is one I saw when I was out with Stacey shopping and I admired it but in our financial situation just couldn't bear to spend £8 on a scarf. That surely shows how poor we were! Anyway, a few weeks later Stacey gave me a present of this scarf. How sweet is that! I hadn't even said I liked it or that I couldn't afford it, she just knew.

I think that was well over a year ago now and I still love wearing it. The pale blue makes me happy. Which is odd seeing as I love pink.

Also, nude fishnet tights are my fave in the ENTIRE world. I managed to put holes (ha!) in all my pairs so had been hunting for ages for new ones so when I found some in Primarni I bought two pairs. I promptly ripped the first pair the first time I wore them and wished I'd bought more. They're far more fun than plain nude tights but not so crazy as coloured tights which take all my courage to wear.

Gosh, today's been a long post, I need to get out more.

Next week's challenge is to do with a 30 for 30. I'm not sure about taking part in that challenge, I'm not even sure I have 30 pieces of clothing lol. Anyway, I'll still show you my weekly outfit though :)

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  1. You look great. I love the tights! And happy birthday. If you don't want to do 30 for 30 you can still come link up your outfit!!


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