What I wore Sunday #17


Yes, as in...urm....5 days ago. Better late than never!

Here's my outfit, it's one I've worn before and not too exciting. The pic was taken in front of our craft fair stall with some strong yellowey lights beating down on us. Great for lighting the stall, shocking for photos!

White long sleeve t-shirt - Peacocks, Green paisley sleeveless top - Made by me, Jeans - Peacocks (trend here?), Utility apron - Made by me, Necklace - TJS Jewellery Designs

In the background you can see my lovely mother in law Chrissy who I did the craft fair with. We both prepared items separately but they blended in well on the table.

What's that? You want some table pics? Good job I knew you'd ask so I took some!

Our whole stall :)

Doorstops, bunting, tissue pouches, needle cases, post it cases, knitted coat hangers
Lavender bags, peg bags, hand knitted bedsocks, hand knitted slippers, balls, cards, gift tags, bunting, cushions
As you can see, we had something for most people and it was a delight to look at. Well, I thought so!!

There's more to come on the tale of 'Last Weekend' and the many horrors it contained but for now my tummy's rumbling which must mean it's lunchtime!

Samantha x

At home with Mrs H

P.s. Here's the Atheneum at Bury St Edmunds all set up ready for customers to come in. Dusband took it. He forgot to turn to the right to take a pic of the raised alcove type stage area that we were in. 

It never really seemed to get packed. We didn't do very well really on takings and interestingly enough only the sausage lady and cake lady had been there before (of the stall holders we spoke to). Everyone else was there for the first time. I suspect that if we'd known there were not many repeat bookers we'd have questioned the trading success. Anyway, lesson learned!

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