One man and his tree


That would have been far more funnier if I'd entitled it one man and his log wouldn't be true so it's a good job I didn't.

Right, on to the matter in hand. Putting up the Christmas tree. I know many, many people put their trees up at the beginning of December and I don't want to insult you but you're ALL WRONG. Christmas trees should not be put up until approximately 2 weeks before Christmas at the earliest.

Now, we all know I'm always right so we won't argue, we'll just leave it at that. Except for the family over the road and down one who were putting their Christmas lights up on the evening of November 5th.

Anyway, so, that know how we're planning to move right? And all our decorations were packed in boxes ready to move. Why bother to get them out when we'd only have to pack them again for moving.

Fortunately for you all I didn't get my way, Dusband put his purple socked foot down with a firm hand and so we put the tree up last weekend. We didn't get all of the house decorations out though, we only did the tree and a few extra bits.

I hate putting the tree up, it's one of my least favourite jobs. We have an artificial tree too which requires I usually get to around just fluffed and then I'm grumpy so Dus does the rest. He loves doing the tree so it feels like I'm doing him a favour by stepping back.

I took lots of photos along the way to document our goofy Saturday evening to share with you.

We started off by doing a really good deep clean of the whole downstairs (I'd done the upstairs earlier in the week) then settled down to a buffet tea of 'party food' to get us in the mood. A cup of Santa tea and a glass of white grape shloer helped us on our way.  

Next Dus inspected my fluffing.

Last year we wrapped the lights around this box lid so they were easy to unwrap and use this year. Not attractive, but effective.

I thought we had white strange!

Tinsel although next year I'll buy some more red and gold, you can't see the green at all!

Dus applies the lights in a 'circulatory manner' apparently

Last year someone gave us this finger puppet kit and Dus made them all by himself, he was very proud and even more pleased when they turned up again this year!

I know it's odd, but I sorted the decs out in an orderly fashion ready for Dusband to put on the tree!

I MAY or MAY NOT have been watching Dus decorate the tree whilst in my jammies sipping my faux vino.

Ok, I was. See here that Dusband has put the tinsel on randomly. He thinks this is how it's meant to go. I think it's meant to be wrapped around in a twirly style not haphazardly. Then again, I was sat on the sofa so I can't really complain.

Fortunately there was only one casualty that evening

This is the santa my dad made for us out of small squares of paper folded into triangles and slotted together. How cool is this!!

He's not very curvy in the derrière department but we love him still

Amazeballs right?

Dus kept trying to put the star on before the tree was finished. I had to explain to him that the star is always the LAST thing to go on the tree. (Except candy canes which we forgot to purchase and tree chocs which we still haven't bought either!)

Ah, you gotta love that cheesy grin of pride.

Last year someone (little sis?) gave us some faux snow so Dus was keen to set up a little snowy scene. I wouldn't let him get out my pink reindeer to enhance it though, or the angels and other bits we have packed still. It's not remotely odd to have Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus sat in front of a santa who's head is aflame. Right?

With the pressies underneath the tree, the stockings hung and the AWFUL gold foil garlands Dusband insists upon. Anyone else think they smack of working men's social clubs?

Sunday was spent baking 48 mince pies and a chocolate cake for the combined carol service that evening.

The cake didn't last long in all honesty, there were fights over the last few slices!

And of course my ornament from Twinkle Star from the Eisy Morgan Ornament exchange :) Thanks lovely

Later on in the week I gave myself a good talking to and set about putting up the small tree in the office for festive cheer throughout the working day. (We spend all day upstairs except for lunch hour then about 2 hours in the evening after our clubs etc so don't really get much joy time from the downstairs tree).

Bear in mind that it's a 3ft tree with 6ft tree lights on it (half of which don't work), 4 strings of tinsel and the leftover ornaments that other people don't want.

Oh yeah, and it's pink. Forgot that part!!
So what do you reckon then, get your man slave husband to put the tree up or do it yourself?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. You are hilarious! LOVE reading your posts. I, like you, find the tree the most unfun part of decorating :) It's my job to fluff the tree as well, and yes, by the end of fluffing our 7' tree I'm so over it and my kids and husband MUST take over. And now, to important stuff, you must post the recipe for your mince pies. They look awesome!

  2. Faux Snow definitely wasn't us!

  3. Glad to see that you know the priorities - PJ's; comfy chair; drink. All is correct.

    *Replaces fez with victorian top hat, and tips said skull furniture*
    Meeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy Christmas.


  4. Looks so lovely and festive! I love that Santa your Dad made - it is so clever! x


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