Thursday Catch up


So yesterday we had the Kidz club (5 - 11) Christmas party and tonight we're cooking Christmas dinner for the Stompers (11+).

I made a super cute pass the parcel using these 'forfeit' cards that I found on pinterest. Click the link to go through to the site and download them directly.

Christmas Action cards by Oopsey Daisy

There are 12 in total and they're all really cute and fun. Plus I didn't have to think up forfeits. That can only be a bonus right?

Tuesday was a fairly interesting day weather wise. I know, how British of me to talk about the weather!

It started off sunny then clouded over and hailed massive stones for a bit, it eased off and started to snow (!) which turned into sleet then rain. It dried off for a while until the thunder and lightning arrived. I almost screamed down the phone to a customer Tuesday evening when that happened...Oops!

Anyway, I've got to go be busy cooking a roast for 12 stompers. Here in Wales they call a roast dinner a 'cooked dinner'. The first time someone asked Dusband if I was going to let him have a cooked dinner I was fairly indignant. I cook every night (mostly) for him, how dare they suggest I feed him cold raw vegetables. Then they explained that cooked dinner meant a roast dinner. :)

Catch you later lovelies

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Wow, you're busy! Hope the dinner for the Stompers went well :)
    The weather's been a bit mad recently hasn't it?! Tuesday's weather was crazy; in the evening here one moment it was windy with a bit of drizzle, the next heavy hail!

  2. Thank you so much for showing off my Christmas action cards!! You are so sweet! I love your blog and hope you have a happy holiday season!!


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