Advice needed please....


So....yesterday I got bored of my usual tie it in a pony {sometimes pull the end through} hairstyle so did a side pony with a MAHOUSIVE white rose with fronds. I just don't know if it's maybe too much.

I wore it all day yesterday, even to stomp in the evening and as the day wore on it didn't feel like I had a massive rose sticking out the side of my head but it may have looked like it.

So what do you think?

This pic is unedited. My face really is that pale, my head really does look like Caspar's but my shirt was ironed....promise!

Massive? yes. Natural? no.

So...whaddaya think?

P.s. I've posted this one late today to confuse Ben who thought I genuinely got up to post at 8am. :)

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  1. That rose really is huge. Wouldn't wear it during Summer, may attract swarms. However, it could make good camouflage for any surveillance projects you may be involved with.

    p.s. My entire day is in complete disarray now, I'll be 2 hours and 42 minutes out of sync. :)

  2. I think that's super pretty. Me likes. It's like you're from a different times, a better era where girls all wear flowers in their hair for the sheer joy of it.

  3. Very pretty, I think it suits you x

  4. "Left for looking, right for taken" remember?


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