I'm off the wagon


Let me be the first to admit {in public} that I've given up one of my new year's resolutions already.

Actually, I gave it up last week but didn't have internet to tell you.

Ok, rewind, let's go back to when I actually made them and I can tell you what they were. I made two. I thought two was a reasonable amount.

So a resolution I think is something that you've thought through, you've set your mind to it and are fairly determined to make it work. You can't go into this all willy nilly and expect to last an entire year. Oh no boyyo, it doesn't work like that.

I didn't go with the common popular resolutions, I am not a sheep.

Our tomato we grew last year. It was meant to be a cherry tomato, we didn't fail.
 Not for me the eating healthy, becoming organised, paying my phone bill on time, writing up the minutes to meetings within a few days of the meetings {oops!} or the exercising, becoming toned, giving up something I luxuriate in doing etc. Oh no, this year I was far more original and far superior. In fact, let's just say that my two resolutions were the best ANYONE could have come up with.

Dusband ate the tomato. I hope he was happy; he doesn't look happy.

Here they are in order of importance. Note this order.

1) Eat more chocolate {yes, more}.

2) Don't feel bad for saying no and letting others take the strain for a while {ok, just actually saying no is enough let alone how I feel about it!}.

As you can see, if Dus offers me a piece of chocolate I can't say no because that eclipses resolution 1. If I get asked to cover someone's tea duty and I don't want to/can't then I can say no and not feel bad.

If I want to say yes then I can, but I need to get out of this habit of actively volunteering for stuff when I could be spending my time on the ministries we already have and do them better. Unless it all comes down to me. You know the scenario. The world's going to end in the next 15 minutes unless someone hand stitches a pink button onto Superman's daughter's coat....and I'm the only person who has a pink button! Then I should really say yes. Not least because I have an entire jar of pink buttons.


Right-o where were we in my maze of rambleness. Oh yes, I've fallen off the wagon.

The first few days were easy peasy. Finish dinner, have some chocolate. Fancy a mid morning snack, have some chocolate. Make some chocolate brownies, eat some.

Then I started to feel a bit oily faced, and a bit bloated and I just kinda knew that I shouldn't eat such a large volume of chocolate regularly. They say you are what you eat and I do believe that many of today's health problems can be treated by eating a better diet and having regular exercise {ahem, let's not mention that one} but chocolate? How could such a close friend turn on me like that?

Anyway, so I've nixed that one and am trying to stick to my previous one {tiny} bar of chocolate {actually tiny, I'm not lying here} a day and feel a lot better for it.

{Pic from Snack Love}

I know I'm a good weight, it's not about that. Don't hate on me because I eat healthily the rest of the time and am slim. It's about coming to a point where you realise that what you're getting out of eating such a HUGE amount of chocolate is not really ideal. Maybe I've just become too sensible with my food choices these days, who knows.

I still love pizza. I limit that to once a week though. I used to eat a small pizza for lunch every single day before I met the Dusband. In fact, I dunno why I stopped that...

p.s. also, why do all the companies trying to sell you stuff market it as New Year, New You! ?

You're not new, you're the same you. You can become as if new by the cleansing power of Christ when you accept him as your Lord and Saviour. But really, unless you wanna be saved you're going to have to face facts and work with what you have. New year isn't magical, you'll still be the same fantastic person as you were last year, just your habits might change some. x

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  1. You're wanting to eat MORE chocolate, I'm wanting to drink LESS Diet Coke ... lets just say I'm off the wagon too :)


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