What I wore Sunday #21


I missed New Year's Day off because I was busy getting mucky clearing out the garden of our old house. So this is this last week. Is that a Welshism? This last. This next.

Anyway, here we go with my one and only January sales purchase. A new cord skirt.

I'm thinking a new pose may be in order this year. I'll experiment and you can let me know what you think.

Anyway, jumper, skirt, tights, boots, necklace. Same old, same old.

This year I turned all the hangers the WRONG way in my wardrobe (when I put the clothes in from moving) and as I wear them I'll turn them the right way. In theory this way anything which hasn't been worn in 6 months can be donated.

I think what'll actually happen is that I wear the things I wouldn't normally have worn. I'm looking forward to that crazy experiment on the last week of the 6 months!!

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  1. That pose is particularly special x

  2. Didn't the chocolate from your Malteser necklace mark your jumper?



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