Why I choose nude


Nude lipstick that is. What else did you think I meant?!

I will always choose nude lipstick because I'm lazy and don't wear it all the time, but I like to keep up appearances so I don't want it to be obvious when I'm not wearing lipstick. It makes sense in my head.

I generally use Avon's nutitude or nude pink but if I want to really make a statement then it's sparkling nude all the way. I love Avon's lipsticks and always have done ever since I worked for them as an area manager.

As an Avon area manager it was our job to recruit representatives and manage the area (i.e. make sure enough orders come in). It was a super sales based job and they asked a lot from us, but boy did they give us a lot. There was a good salary, car, broadband and bonus package along with conferences and meetings with little gifts and a ton of products.

They encouraged us to never leave the house (while working) without being fully made up and smelling of sweet (avon) perfume but I've never been one to wear a ton of make up so I found their nude range perfect. I was representing the company but still being me.

What about you? Do you go for bold or neutral colours? (boys, I'm not talking to you now...)

yar, I was trying not to laugh :)
Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

p.s. Avon haven't paid me to tell you why I choose nude, I just thought you might like to know. That and I'm too busy with stuff and stuff at the moment to do a project to post :)

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  1. You had me worried there for a minute, I wondered where this post was going! Phew - only lipstick! I don't often wear lipstick, no time for it really. Bit of lip gloss does me :) x

  2. I knew we were kindred spirits :) I use nude lipstick most times too, if I wear it :) Mine, also Avon, is from their plumping line and called beige shimmer. LOVE how it gets rid of the wrinkles around my lips :) Have no idea why I'm telling you this ... bahah! Oh, and LOVE your hair. Beautiful and healthy looking.

  3. I used to be an avon rep, left last year after doing it for 7 years. LOVE their stuff. I'm like you, a nude girl. But my fav is their clear lipgloss



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