Housewarming tour {Bedroom}


Ok lovelies, here's our bedroom. It's a lot smaller than our last room and our furniture doesn't all fit. We've squeezed in our bed, one bedside table, a chest of drawers and our triple wardrobe. The best thing would be to buy new smaller furniture but seeing as this was all given to us when we were married and we can't afford to it's make do and mend. :)

The view from the door as you enter. It's a bit tight!

The sun comes in this side of the house so it's super bright in the mornings.

Our hulk of a wardrobe. (plus junk on top)

Junk on top the wardrobe again, it's a good look people!
That's a full 360 tour of our bedroom. We're lucky that we have really high ceilings, it makes the rooms feel bigger. I only wish British houses were built with walk in closets. *sigh* one for the house we build when we're millionaires.

I have big plans for our furniture seeing as we've lived with them as 'rustic pine' for a couple of years now. I hate pine!!

Anyway, more house tour to follow!

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  1. You wish you had built in closets ... I wish we could have charming rooms like this! In America all houses now-a-days are built with closets. That leaves no real extra wall space for really pretty furniture! I love your room! So bright, cheery, and airy :)

  2. You've done well to squeeze all that in there and leave room 'round the bed. Looks good! x


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