Some grumpies


Ok yar so I have a million cool blog posts ready, in my head just waiting to be translated into actual posts by my rather slender and attractive fingers. But you know how it is, life gets in the way and I have spent all week with 'write blog posts' on my to do list and I haven't done it yet.

So I thought I'd entertain you all with some things I don't like. I find that whenever you're in danger of people forgetting you it's a good idea to try to annoy them so they remember who you are. Ok? So if you're not annoyed by this post you are allowed to just forget me, or be called my bestie. I may well have 8 valid full time besties already but who cares, I love my besties!

Especially my Floridan (?!) bestie who thought about sending me a chocolate alligator but didn't cos her husband rained on the parade (boo!) and my Californian bestie who just has to tell me what she's making for dinner for me to drool all over my unironed t shirt with stretched cuffs. (Am trying to make you feel sorry for me, is it working?)

I won't mention my best English friend or my best photographer friend or my actual best best friend.

Right, onto things that annoy me.

In no particular order.

  • people who comment on a blog post and ask you to go follow them back. I'm fed up of my reader/bloglovin feed/inbox being cluttered up with blogs that I don't enjoy reading. If I want to follow your blog I'll follow it, no matter whether you ask me to or not.

  • people who spend all day dressing their homes and then blog about it. Surely there's more to life than your house looking like a florist has spent 12 hours there with a wagon full of fake flowers?
  • Husbands who eat all the cherry liqueur chocolates even though you only ate two when you first opened them (yes, ok, at 11am).
  • Husbands who don't buy you anything for your anniversary and then say 'well we'll buy you something when we go out today' but you haven't had time to decide what you want so you end up coming home with nothing.

  •  Rugs that act like velcro to bits of fluff and dust and stuff. Purple rug in the living room....your time is drawing to an end.....
  • A certain supermarket who happens to be part of the Walmart group  who puts baskets of chocolate bars and snack bars everywhere possible with big red £1 labels on them so that you come out spending a fortune with no actual food to show for it.

  • Teenagers.
  • People who gripe about their life/weight/job/boredom but don't do anything about changing it. Everything is about choices when it comes down to it, make the choice now and soon enough what you're griping about will change. Maybe I should have taken that advice before starting to write this post. Hmm.
  • People who repin using the first person's comment. Come on people, don't be so lazy, make it personal!
  • Shoes all being wide fit. It's not my fault that I have regular width feet and they're all too wide for me, I guess that's part of a growing population. Growing....ha!

Moccasins from New Look (only £17.99!!)

Ok, here are some things I like

  • Chocolate. Of course
  • Watching supernanny. It makes me feel smug that my children are not naughty like the ones on there. Ok, I don't have children but that's besides the point
  • The difference we see in the teenagers we work with
  • The incredible friendships I've made over the internet. Who could ever have imagined that you can read a blog, get chatting and become actual real friends.
  • Husbands who do the washing up EACH and EVERY single day!
  • This view.

ok, who have I annoyed so far then? Or maybe you want to be my bestie, that would be cool. To be a bestie, please apply below with details on what particular benefits accompany friendship with you.

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

p.s. I think I've got a cold coming which may explain my griping, I'm fairly well natured usually!

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  1. It took me a while to figure out what "repin" means. I thought it was a mild swear word that I'd never heard of, so was saying that line to myself a few times in angry tones trying to understand how it would be said, and in what context.

    Just a little thought - something that (mildly) irritates me is when people say, "There's nothing worse than..." and offer a slightly irksome circumstance or situation. I'm sure that, given more than a moment's thought, they can think of many and far worse "things" in life. I could begin a list of such "things" as famine, depravity, illness, poverty, etc, but I think you get the point. Feel free to remove this post if it's inappropriate.


    1. I agree.

      (I've eaten most of Dus' fun gums, he would be grumpy about that)

  2. You're my English-replanted-in-Wales bestie. And the best handbag maker ever. EVER. What I love about you is that I can trust you to be honest with me, even when I know what you're going to say is something I won't like. And I like that you and I can go out and leave our husbands with each other knowing that they'll get on.

    Remind me - why don't you live closer?

    1. Because if I lived closer I'd beat your sorry bottom at Ticket to ride every week and then you'd be sad. :D

  3. Hi Just popped over from Unfortunately Oh and have really enjoyed reading your grumpies.

  4. Ahhh I admit I'm totally guilty of repinning and leaving whichever comment is there... I should change the comment, but sometimes, the last person's comment is so appropriate....or yes, I am too lazy to think up something different lol
    I did nod a lot to your post lol Every time I'm asked to refollow (or join a link party, which of course involves following the blog as a rule) I get so aggravated!
    And yay for views! (I get a pond and wilderness with various wildlife :D )

  5. Is it weird that your grumpies made me smile? Anyway totally with you on the shoe thing and your view is indeed fab - nothing like a misty Welsh valley! Have a lovely day x

  6. I get annoyed by:

    - "I'm not being racist / sexist / ageist / rude but..."
    - Inappropriate apostrophes. I nearly punched my Kindle last night when I came across one.
    - Pins that don't link to the original source! (I am guilty of thoughtless repinning. Back when I first started using Pinterest I wanted to PIN ALL THE THINGS. I've since realised it can make it harder to find things again so've been sorting through my pins, editing comments and adding tags. Some of the things that I repinned link to blogsites or tumblrs and the thing-that-was-pinned is no longer there. Ugh.)
    - Mass-produced crochet. You know this already.


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