What I wore Sunday #25


Introducing.....my mum!

I wore Jeans, nudey coloured shoes (gave my toe a blister), grey lace top and a black cardigan. I don't have a muffin top, the lace top has a bit of elastic there. I didn't notice it til these pictures, oops!

I think I over-estimated the temperature as I was freezing at church despite sitting next to the radiator on full blast!

We had my mum and step-dad staying this weekend and mum was super excited to think she'd appear on my blog. I didn't like to tell her it wasn't quite celebrity status but hey, I'm famous on my blog right?!

I bought a new coat this weekend and took a pic yesterday for you but then realised that it would have been better done up as it just looks baggy in this pic. I'll try to take another pic for you.

What do we think about my resurrecting my fringe? I feel we've all seen enough of my forehead for one year now.

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  1. Tracy says yep yep yep to a fringe especially as you have now become your mother double!!!!


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