Housewarming tour {Bathroom)


Continuing on our housewarming tour is the bathroom. It's not our master bathroom....we only have one bathroom. Like many Welsh homes it's a ground floor bathroom, off the rear of the kitchen which is an extension on the main 2 storey stone house.

Unlike many sensible builders, whoever built this bathroom didn't think about insulation so it's not insulated AT ALL. Not in the ceiling, walls, floor anything....BRRRRRRRRR!!! Anyone familiar with the Welsh climate knows that BRRRRRRRRRR!!! was heartfelt.

Anyway, it's a beautiful bathroom, just cold.

View from the door. That picture on the back of the loo is now standing on our mirrored bathroom cabinet above the sink.

We didn't have the bathroom cabinet when I took these pics. This sink is beautiful, but I am constantly wiping it where it has a super strong light just above it and bits of dust seem to cling to it!

Bath/shower. The ceiling is so high the landlord put the curtain up with cable ties to increase the length! I don't think our house is named Fawlty towers....

Back out into the kitchen.

Talking about heated towel rails, I've never yet come across one that transfers heat very well. It's baking hot to the touch yet the towels are never very warm, even when put on single layer. Anyone have any insights?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Beautiful bathroom ... is that a Mr. Potato Head that I see? :) And what the heck is "heated towel rails"? I have never heard of those but am soooo intrigued! How cool!


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