Busy bee


I have a fab exposé of my crafting closet for your delectation, and a tutorial on how to remix the Melly Sews rose t shirt pattern but I'm just far too busy to type them up!

Here's a photo of me when I was a little chubbster to keep you going.

yes, I promise it really is me!

I was a UK size 16 here, I went up to a size 20 at my worst. Junk food sure does have a lot to answer for!

Here's me now I eat better. I say better cos I just had a consultation with my nutritional therapist about how my diet is super high in sugar....apparently I'm causing my adrenal glands to be fatigued. Ooops! 

p.s. this is the top I'll do the tutorial for....maybe tomorrow. Today is not looking good at all!

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  1. I can tell by your great smile that it's you ... although I would never have believed it! You are amazing ... time to start sharing your menu ideas with us. What on earth do you eat that keeps you so thin ... obviously America isn't as good for me :)


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