Dear Benny, Part two


Hey Benners,

how are you getting on in Thailand? I saw your check in this morning on facebook that you'd arrived in Bangkok airport...boy, that was a long flight!!

Today's been a pretty usual Wednesday. It started as it always does with me frantically trying to do as much housework as possible before I began work at 10.30am. Work was as work usually is and then at 2pm when I finished I hot-footed it to the post office and then back to pattern writing.

It's been fairly humid here today...nothing to what you're feeling at the moment I'm sure but humid for us anyway.

You know how you are always telling me that you should leave the bathroom as you wish to enter it? You know, change the loo roll when one runs out so it's all nice and neat? Well.....nailed it!

It appears that the swimming pool in the next village up has been refilled if the youth group wandering round half naked with towels round their necks is anything to go by. Wait, change that, swimming pool is maybe a slightly too generous description....

We've got an appointment with an accountant tomorrow to talk about going limited with the company. Every time I receive an invoice payment and have to transfer so very much into the tax savings fund it's almost painful. Hopefully they'll help us to manage what God gives us a bit more sensibly!

Sitting here trying to write all my news ready for when you come back to read it I realise how much rubbish I probably talk with you because we somehow manage to fill hours with 'chitter chatter' when you're here but trying to find interesting worthy things to write to you in a letter is impossible!!

I'll keep a notebook tomorrow so that you won't be disappointed again!

Hope your mission trip is going well,


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