Dear Benny...


I know you only got on the plane less than two hours ago but I thought this would be a fun way to not have to tell you all the things when you get back and it would keep Her happy. I like to keep Her happy, who knows what Her would be like if she were not?!
(Please note that Her would rather I called her Her than her real name on here as she likes to not be plastered all over the internet, so if you read this and get offended on Her's behalf, please don't, Her is a very good friend of mine and has enough to gripe at me about lol)

Anyway, so you've were talking about it for long enough that I still couldn't believe it even when you went yesterday to get your travel wash and face wipes. By the way, you're welcome for the tip about those, I suspect you'll bring me back the besterest gift from Thailand ever in the world because you had a squeaky clean face for two weeks unlike the other members of your group. No, actually, I suspect you'll share, you're a sharing kinda guy.

Do you like how I 'shared' your photo you put on facebook of your view waiting to take off?

So being the one left behind (I have no desire to accompany you fyi) I had a pretty fun filled afternoon without you. It was a pleasure to keep you company online this morning as you prepared to fly and I hope I took your mind off any nerves or anxieties you were feeling. It's a shame I had to keep ignoring you to answer the phone and 'help' customers but as you told me yesterday, it's good to work.  Hey, I've had a brain wave, you could pay me to work as your online company keeper when you're not working....genius hey?

So this afternoon then, by the time I get to it the suspense will be so incredible you'll be disappointed. What's that? You already are? Never mind, by the time you read this countless others will have so hopefully your disappointment will build to such a crescendo that it levels out at around normal. During my lunchbreak I decided that it was time to pull the garlic and onions from their comfy warm home nestled in the slug infested soil that is our back garden. It was hot and sunny see?

Probably not as hot and sunny as where you're going to be for the next two weeks but for us here in Wales 24degrees is HOT! I know it was 24 degrees cos we have a thermometer in the garden so that I can look at it and say to Dusband, "guess how hot it is" and then he does....accurately....EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Have no idea how he does it...amazing.

Those feet and those slippers don't belong pair are mine, the other's dus'.....can you guess which? 

Apparently when you pull your onions and garlics you have to leave them to dry out on the bed for the day (not the bed bed, the vegetable bed bed) and then take them into your shed or garage to dry out some more for a few weeks. So we left them to dry out on the bed (veg bed) for the day. Then we went to church. Then we got home around half past nine and prepared some tea. (Fried cheese sandwich for me, fruit salad for Dusband....) Then we watched some telly and eventually around half past ten we decided it was time for bed so went to brush our teeth.

And then.....we remembered the onions and garlic sat out 'drying out' in the dewey moist world of night time in Wales. On went our 'garden shoes', torches went on and we picked up a basket. (Told you baskets have a place in any and every situation!) We collected them all in and now they're sitting stinking the kitchen up 'drying out'. One day we might own a shed or a garage for them to sit in but for now, the kitchen it is. I suspect Dus has left the door to the bathroom open so our bathroom will also smell rather pungent.
Our basket of 'garden delights'

I've written about 2/3 of the newest pattern and managed to find a diagram that I forgot to ask you to draw for this one in the folder for the last one so that was a bit phew....thought I'd have to recall you to do me one more diagram! I really do appreciate you spending so much of your free time in the last week or so before you go drawing diagrams for me, I'd love for them to actually start selling sometime soon so that I could give you something for your effort. Something other than bother. 

In Wales here though (locally rather than nationally I guess) it's nice to bother someone. For example I could say "I have a big sister called Lizzie" and someone would say "Do you bother much with her?" and they would mean are you close, do you see each other, do you talk often? So my very good friend Benny, I'm proud to bother with you, you're such a kind hearted soul who thinks only of how to keep others happy.

I wish you well on this trip and will be praying for 'travelling mercies' (as my church would say) and some kindly soul to share a mint with you at take off and landing.

See you soon Benners,

Lots of bother,

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