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So back in May I took some photos of my craft cupboard for you to see...here are the photos from then.

Pretty organised huh? 

 I keep all my bits and bobs in these boxes to make it easier when searching for things.

 See, told you it was May when I took these pics!

 Dear Ikea, thank you for your inexpensive shower organiser that expands my usable space!

 The root of the problem. The fabric I have hoarded. My Fabric.

 My cottons and fat quarters. Any large 'scraps' that can be folded go back in here.

 My scraps basket.....yeah, we all have one, I wonder if we'll ever be able to let go?

I use hoard a lot of 8" zips so they have their own box while all the other sizes jostle together in a 'various' box.

 Most of the boxes are filled with upside down jars to make it easier to see what it is I have....I find that if it's not easy to see then I make a massive mess finding it and then have to do a massive two day clean up operation once in a while!

I separate my buttons into 'Warm tones', 'Cool tones' and 'Neutrals'. This is the neutrals box. There are two whites, two blacks, one dark browns and one light browns in this box.

Lots of the jars in the boxes are these spice jars from Asda. They also have them in Ikea, but Asda is nearer!

When we moved to this house in January I decided that I didn't want my stash to take over the office seeing as there is real actual paying work that is done in here and it would need to stay fitted in the cupboard. 

Well here's my stash cupboard as of today. (Last Friday to be exact....)


Something HAS to be done. 

It's ridiculous and getting out of hand. It's a challenge to find what I need because there is so much stuff that I don't use and I feel like I'm one pile of stuff away from an episode of Hoarders. (I'm not, but I feel like it)

So I decided that September is Stash busting September and I'm going to do what I can to use, gift, sell and generally de-stash in the next month. Without wasting it....that's just silly!

I followed a blogger's way of measuring her stash but can't for the life of me find who it was again so I apologise if it was you.

She weighed herself, then she weighed herself holding big armfuls of her stash and then deducted her own weight. So that's what I did. Several times. Over, and over, and over while the numbers just kept going up.

My stash weighs 88kgs. That's 194lbs friends. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!

Are you shocked? Yes, we were too. Here's Dusband's face when I told him.

Here's mine.

I think Dus' is better :)

So, for the next little while, don't expect much sense....it'll be sew, sew, sew around here to get those unfinished projects started (and finished) to try and stashbust and if I've got excess, I'll be sure to let you know!

I dare you to weigh your stash......

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  1. Funny!!!!!! Hubby is just as responsible for my stash as I am. He brings me home loads of upholstery fabric. If I started weighing mine I'm afraid I'd be up and down on the scales all day. LOLLLLL I may just do that though when I have a spare day. It would sure be interesting to see how much it come to.

  2. Wouldn't dare weigh mine - it would take me about three days at least to find it all - and that's just the fabric

  3. Your stash is awesome! Way more organised than mine, too--asides fabrics, everything else is just thrown into a large drawer!
    Good luck using some of it up, I've been trying to do the same through simply banning myself from buying anything else!


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