Soar Craft Fair


It was ok, the Welsh didn't tell me off for not speaking Welsh....phew!

Here's a few pics. There were only 4 'stalls' and a spinner so it was fairly small but there was a Welsh cloth exhibition in the next room over and a famous author (I have no idea what he wrote, that's terrible right?). There were various things going on in the building and their cafe was really busy!

 Lizzie and I shared a table and I'm not convinced that two bags per hook was really a good idea on the front there!
 That empty gap on the front is where the Christmas bunting was.... It's not even November yet and I'm sold out, do I make some more or not? I don't have any more Christmas fabrics left so it'll mean extra outlay and what if I don't sell it? Then again, what if I don't make any and I could have sold it?

 Lizzie's Yoodles. (Yarn Doodles)
 A very bright and sunny Katie Celf's baby slings. These slings are very well made and beautiful!
I'm sure she'd ship abroad too, check out her site here: Katie Celf Baby Slings

 I liked her cute sewn signage!
The sun is blocking out a stunning knitted coat but this stall was only selling Christmas items. Cards, bottle bags, ornaments etc.

There was one more stall to the left of ours but I forgot to take a photo! She was only selling bracelets but was also doing some demonstrations.

All in all it was a good morning, we sold more than we thought we would (we thought we wouldn't sell a thing!) and passed some time in an enjoyable way.

Hopefully the Stella pattern will be out on Wednesday, so watch out for that and the various giveaways that accompany that from my pattern testers!

p.s. yes mum, we have sorted some of the buttons, we'll photo them soon for you to browse :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day and sales too. That's great.

  2. The stall looked good. Yes definitely only one bag to a hook. Clever idea to use handbag hangers - so appropriate. If you are having another stall before Christmas it may be a good idea to make more of the Christmas bunting if it is selling well. The use of the little blackboards was a clever one for sure and I any time saved in preparation is always good.
    sounds like it was a good day.


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