Christmas Scraps: For sale


Anyone want my Christmas fabric scraps?

There's around 100g here, 3 1/2 ounces and they range from 'hmm, what can I do with that' to 'oooh, that's big enough to make....'

This wodge of triangles is really quite substantial, there's lots of these!
If you'd like them please comment below with your paypal email address and I'll invoice you.

The price is £2 plus postage which depends on your location and is listed below.

Thanking you, pleasure doing business with you! (assuming someone snaps these up!)

UK: £2 + £2.70 = £4.70
Europe: £2 + £2.90 = £4.90
Rest of the world: £2 + £3.90 = £5.90

This is £2 for the fabric plus the postage. I have no idea who's setting postage fees.... posting to europe is only £2.90 when posting to the UK is £ does that work?

p.s. if you're local to me here in South Wales, you're welcome to collect these from me or when I'm at a craft fair to save the postage making them just £2. Bargain :)

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