Anyone remember when I mentioned not leaving lists laying around the house because Lizzie adds 'elephant' to them whenever she visits?

She's been up to her old tricks again!!

 So when I went to Kidz Club last week, I coloured her something to stop this spate of elephant adding!

 Something missing? What about if I insert my finger?

My finger is his trunk, how delightfully fun is that?

I gave him/her/it to Liz at Asda, she was chuffed to bits to finally have an elephant to call her own! Let's see if it stops her elephanting....I doubt it!

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  1. Hilarious!! You are so funny!!

    I had a friend who was like your sister only with Pink Flamingos. On her 50th birthday her sister hired someone to put 50 plastic pink flamingos all over her yard during the night.

    Where can you buy plastic elephants in Wales :)

  2. LOL! perhaps a spate of elephants coming your sisters way in every form possible? It would be fun to keep pranking her and keep them coming...


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