Reasons to love Dusband


There are many, many, reasons to love my husband, but every now and then I'll log some for you so you too can love Dus, my husband. Aka Dusband.

Whilst browsing Pinterest (as you do) I came across this photo of a baby in a giraffe outfit.


So as any childless woman would say, I asked Dus if we could have a baby and dress it up in this outfit.

Dus replied yes, as long as it's not famous baby.

Famous baby?

To clarify....I'm allowed to have a baby and put it in a giraffe outfit. I'm allowed to photograph it and post it on my facebook or blog. But if I should dare to think about submitting it to another blog (as I did with my messy craft room on My Life and Kids) then I'm crossing a line and he might get his grumpy pants on.


Seeing as I've never known Dus to be grumpy in our (almost) three years of marriage, this threat doesn't scare me too much.

One giraffe baby coming right up!!! And that's why we love Dusband.

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  1. You're hilarious! And love the hat on Dus. :-)

  2. Sweet. So to clarify, we can expect news of a baby on the way sometime in the not-too-distant future?


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