What I batch sewed


Remember I showed you a pic of my batch sewing I was starting? A few people asked to see when it was finished so here are the pics.

I made 19 (ran out of Christmas fabric) lined, drawstring bags by In Color Order. You should know that everytime I type Jeni's blog name I want to sneak the 'u' into colour.

Regular drawstring bags
Regularlo ones with all different fabrics and ribbons. Liz loves that farmyard fabric!
And just because it's Christmas time (not yet, but soon) I made some Christmas fabric ones too. I kinda made the sizes on these up based on what fabric I had. I'm not buying anymore Christmas fabric ever. It's like normal fabric but twice the price!

Christmas drawstring bags
I lined these with red felt for a snuggly feel and a bit more stability.

Now don't forget that although the tutorial for this bag is freely available, if you wish to make these to sell you should purchase the pattern with it's licence. You can purchase it in Jeni's shop here and at the moment she's having a 25% off sale for Thanksgiving and you can find the code here.

I made these to sell at craft fairs so I've purchased the pattern so that credit where credit's due eh.

Happy crafting!

p.s. did you notice that I've turned my name into Scroogantha during this 'festive' period? I kinda like it!

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  1. Those Christmas ones are to die for. I loveeeeee them.

  2. The bags are cute. Christmas fabric is Australia is the same price as regular quilting fabric and then after Christmas it drops in price significantly (best time to buy). Of course one must take their chances that the cutest prints are still available. I haven't bought any for quite a few years. I still have some that is over 20 years old.
    Yesterday EK was rummaging through it as she wants to make a stocking as a gift for a young friend and declared none of it really suitable for a young child. i told her the choices were what was in the stash or to pay full price out of her own money ... she found something she liked then. ;)

  3. For a Scrooge ...you sure are making ALOT of Christmas bags !!! LOL

  4. These bags are the last thing that I batch sewed, too! I don't even know what I'm going to do with mine, but I have 3 or 4 "extras" now! I love the idea of making them from Christmas fabrics to use as wrapping for gifts. You made this post at a good time, too, because I managed to go buy Jeni's pattern for 25% off (I think that's what it was) over the weekend!


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