What I wore Sunday: Scrooge edition


At our church we like to be social. A lot more this year, which is amusing as someone pointed out we lost our social deacon at church in March!

Anyway, so we thought we'd have a girl's night in and a boy's night in at church. Us ladies would stay downstairs in our recently renovated, fancy pants small hall and the boys could use the projector upstairs to play the X box.

Our Pastor came down at one point during the evening and asked his wife what to do about spilling his glass of cola. I said he should ask Dus, he's good at clearing up messes (he lives with me right?), our Pastor replied that Dus doesn't care, he's too busy pummeling the baddies. LOL! Good stuff boys! *eye roll*

Anyway, here's me and our Pastor's wife, Helen in our jammies. She's so cute and makes you feel special and wanted even if you've been a right pain in the bum!

Yes, those are Christmas pyjamas I'm wearing. *Sigh* Not living up to this Scrooge persona very well am I? Good job Helen's wearing her 'girls night in' jammies. Lizzie wore her Eeyore Jammies but I forgot to take a photo of those.

p.s. I didn't ask Helen's permission to post this photo, I'm hoping she's so annoyed I have to resign as church secretary and take the next year off :D

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  1. ..has Helen drawn freckles on?

  2. Cute un-scrooge-like jammies.
    Good try on the getting out of being church secretary thing ... I think you'll have to do something WAY worse to get yourself sacked from that role. ;)


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