Brrrr, icicles!


Dus went up the garden one day (1st December to be exact) and found a slab of ice in the top of one of the tubs up there......

I guess it's inevitable that when you get as much rain as we do, there's going to be a tub of water sat in the garden just waiting to ice up!

I'd like you to please note that to take this photo I was in 3 layers plus a ski jacket, hat, gloves, scarf and fluffy socks. Dusband was in jeans and T shirt. He's more manly than I am I guess :)

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  1. Entirely not fair!! You get to have ice on December 1st and I was in shorts and a T-Shirt trying to be jolly at a Christmas Parade ... but how do you be holly jolly and smile when sweat is falling down your ... well, you are just sweaty and let's leave it at that :)

  2. Isn't that fun! Well, at least it's fun the first time. When you're still doing that in January, February, March, and the first part of April, it's not quite as fun. LOL I remember being a kid and wanting to eat that first ice we saw. It's probably illegal now. lol

  3. That's a serious slab-o-ice! You should have got a needle out and scribed a drawing on it.

  4. That ice is so nice and clear. The only way we can get ice - ever - is to use the freezer.
    Brr Dus must be one tough cookie to wear so little in that kind of weather. Around here I put on layers when the temp drops a few degrees. This week we had a heat wave with temps in the the high 30's and hitting 39 one day and 37 the next before the 'cool change' came through and dropped it back to high 20's. (celcius)


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