The more attractive way of doing laundry


Well, storing your laundry liquid and magical potions needed for those of us who manage to get chocolate stains on most of our clothing. Can't think how that happens!

Here's my before.  A motley collection of bottles, most of them waiting to be refilled. (I buy my potions in giant packs at the cash and carry then decant them into more usable sizes).

And here's the after. All it took was a trip to the Barnardos shop for some vintage decanters.

Liquid for lights and darks at the back, fabric conditioner and white vinegar in the front. I just need to find another two stoppers for the front two.

It's not ideal, but it is a whole lot more attractive!

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  1. Very pretty! We won't even discuss my laundry room. lol

  2. If you ever have children, this will have to stop..

  3. Oh pretty. I go through too many loads a week to keep up with re-stocking them often enough.
    I am not sure why you would have to stop using pretty containers with kids, as long as they are well out of reach and you can bother to keep filling them, it should be all good.


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