Boxing it all up


I was a bit naughty really and added putting my Christmas decorations away onto my goals list. Only so that I'd actually get around to doing it really.

And getting around to doing it, I did!

So, my goal was to sort out my cards and wrapping paper. The wrapping paper used to be propped up in the landing cupboard (I thought I took some pics of it but can't find it, it was a mess!). They frequently got squished and bashed and torn.

The rest of my wrapping 'stuff' lived on the bottom of my book case. Giftbags, cards, bows etc. I was forever forgetting to add them whenever I wrapped things because they weren't together.

So I bought myself a two pack of boxes from Tesco, having measured how long wrapping paper was.

On a separate but slightly connected note. To buy these direct from Tesco was £21.97 with £3 delivery. On the same page but lower down it had to buy them from Heritage home and garden for £12.68 with £2.95 delivery. It did say that delivery was about a week later but I thought for the difference in price I could live with that. I ordered on the Thursday and received them the very next day. Brilliant!

I popped in the paper (with loo rolls round the middle to keep them from unravelling) and a couple of boxes for the smaller items. Gift bags, tags, cards, it all went in!

Bows, ribbons & tags


The gift wrap box. That blue card on the right is a card that is given to each of my sisters and I and our husbands. Whoever's birthday it was last has it then passes it on to the next person on their birthday. We just cross out whoever's name is at the top and write the next one in! We think it's hilarious. Well, I do!

I labelled the box and it was ready to go into the cupboard (more on that later).

Next was the Christmas wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags etc. If people give me toiletries in a particularly luxury box I tend to keep it and put things in it next year for someone else so those are in there too. My dad gave us a giant Christmas pudding plastic bag this year so that's in there too!

Quite a lot of 'stuff' in this one considering it's January!

Nicely labelled

Both wrapping boxes put away in the landing cupboard

I apologise for the awful quality of my photos. The rooms these were taken in have little to no natural light as a) we live in Wales, 2) the house backs onto a mountain c) the lightbulbs are energy saving ones.

I also may need to purchase a new camera.

In other news, I decided to tackle my Christmas decs too and bought some 54L Croc boxes from Tesco (They also arrived next day) I chose purple and grey because the red and green was a bit bright for me! Again, no natural light in the photos, use the Tesco site ones for a better example!

Two boxes that generally are filled with Christmas 'stuff' from clothes, earrings (good luck finding those again!), plates, mugs, decorations etc

Labelled and ready to go away

They're very sturdy and you can put cable ties through the lids on the ends to keep them closed. I didn't.

All was well and good til it came to putting them INTO the landing cupboard. They should really go in the loft but if we achieve my other new year's goal of buying a house I don't want to have to heft them down again to move!

I called on my local strong man (aka Dusband) who tilted them sideways and fitted them in.

No, I didn't vacuum in the cupboard, thanks for noticing :)

Ah, my hero!

So there we go, wrapping paper and decs sorted. Now I didn't have anything else to show/tell you so I'll be off.

What do you mean you don't believe me?

Oh ok, here you go.

This is what happens when you empty your junk cupboard to put the decs in. The junk ends up elsewhere!

It's amazing to think it all fitted into that one cupboard really! Pretty impressive right? Now I just have to find homes for all that junk. Useful stuff. 

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  1. Excellent job on organizing Christmas things!!

    Did all of the stuff in the bedroom really come fro m the same closet? You are apparently an excellent closet stuffer, too! lol ( We call a stuffed closet, one packed by Fibber Magee..see email from me with a link that might apply to you...
    tee hee


  2. What a brilliant idea to put a "loo roll" around that paper. Wish I would have known that before I put ours away. Of course, it did take me a bit of time to figure out what "loo rolls" were ... this Florida gal calls it "toilet paper rolls". Yours sounds so much more dainty :)

  3. I love your method of organization. LOLLLLLLLL

  4. Isn't it incredible how much space, even organized, all the Christmas stuff takes! I think mine takes up more, but it would probably help if I'd go through it again and cull out some stuff.

  5. Love your organising post. Don't tell me it's contagious and the bug has got you too? ;).
    I even got another giggle from Tammie's comment. We used to have fun with the American's who came to college here (Australia) as they didn't get our slang. I recall one young woman who thought she had been left out of something fun when everyone was going to the loo. It took her a while to catch on and when she did she laughed so much. I wonder if it ever occurred to her to ask what we meant?

  6. Your landing cupboard looks exactly like mine!! and the amount of junk you got out is just like mine too! I recently sorted my landing cupboard out to keep my christmas decs in too, butt all the things I got out wont go back in, so there just sitting on my landing waiting for me to find a home for them. Knowing me they could be thee for a few good months

    Natasha @

  7. Hello, Dear! I've come to your blog from the blog of one of my sweet commenters ~ you know how that goes ~ :) ~ Now following you!
    So nice to "meet" you!


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