My grey drawers


No, not those kind of drawers. I add white vinegar so they don't go grey. I'm talking about my drawers that are on my list of '13 goals.

Last year we painted the outside of the drawers, the carcass? That sounds awful doesn't it, poor drawers! Anyway, here's what we were left with. Yes, another 'as is' photo. I know you love them.

They say that if your bedside table is messy then you don't sleep well and are not productive the next day. I don't know whether that's true or not but aye carumba, look at the mess!!

Dus took the drawer fronts off, removed the knobs and sanded them down.
*warning, pic of Dus' bottom coming up*

 I used the grey primer that we still had left over and I'd used for the 'carcass'. When I did the main section the first coat sunk in leaving the lovely grain showing but all grey. I did another 2 coats and 3 coats of sealant but I wish I'd only done the one coat and shown the grain still. When I did the drawer fronts I just did one coat then when it had dried took it upstairs and held it against the front to see if it looked odd that it was different. It didn't too much and I liked it so in the end I only did one coat on each drawer front and I got my grain! I can always do another couple of coats after if I grow out of it.

Here's the after once I cleared all my junk away and tidied it all nicely.

I've got a lovely gold mirror that I can hang on the wall and would get a new lamp.....if we weren't hoping to be moving in a couple of months. I just can't justify moving the mirror from the landing for a couple of months. I know I could use Command strips but seeing as I just yesterday had a necklace holder fall down I think I need to get some more heavy duty ones before I put up my lovely old mirror!

 Can you see the grain on the fronts?

The same knobs as on the wardrobe

So there we go, another goal done. I bought enough knobs to also do Dus' small bedside table but I'm not sure if I'll get around to it before we move or not. We've got a few months....

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  1. I shudder to use the word "impressive" as that sounds a little patronizing - clearly you both have the skills and stylistic eye to do these tasks justice - so I'll stick the old-skool term: Brilliant! Very smart.

    On a serious note, is this something to possibly complement the Handmade by Mrs H brand: restoration? Only, after seeing what you did to the likes of re-lining that suitcase and the stunning "tart-up" of that coffee table, you only have to take a look at some of the design blogs to see "professional designers (pfft)" doing the same thing and making a good return.

    Anyway. Good stuff. Das ist gut.


  2. I love it especially with the grain showing through. Now I know you've not long painted your wardrobes white but I was thinking they would look lovely matching your draws in grey. LOLLL

  3. Nice! Glad you explained about the gray drawers! lol
    I love all the stone in England. So beautiful. Sorry, but got distracted by that photo. :-)

  4. Your gray drawers turned out so nicely! Are you moving for sure?


  5. The drawers look great, especially with the grain showing through :)

  6. You knew exactly where the thoughts would go with a headline like "my grey drawers". lol ... know my humour too well...
    Love what you did with the drawers. The two looks work well together, different strengths of the same colour. I must remember that for showing off timber grain. And so clever to have the extra layers on the top where it will get harder wear. ... anyone would think it was carefully planned ;)
    Where do those stairs go? It looks like the just end part way up the brick wall. (love the stone wall btw)


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