The follow my leader obligatory round up post


So now it's 2013. Twenty Thirteen, Two Thousand and Thirteen?

Dare I go so far as to say, "Thirteen"? I'm fed up of having to say so much when it comes to the year, what happened to '98', '45' etc? Let's pioneer the year '13' shall we?

Good, so now we're all living in the future, let's think back to seems like only yesterday. I remember it like it was yesterday. Wait, it WAS yesterday!!!!

I was going to do a top ten posts of 2012 but I ended up with 6. 6 will have to do my friends cos I am so over 2012!

Number 6 of most viewed was: BEING SCROOGE

Number 5 of most viewed was: Stashbusting September: Circle Skirt

Maybe this year I'll be able to go outside for photos once in a while?

Number 4 on the list was: Upcycled Pyjama Quilt

You should know that this quilt top is STILL sitting on top of my wardrobe basted, ready to be quilted. At this rate, it's going to the Long Arm Quilters, cost aside!!

Number 3 on the most viewed list was: How to make an adjustable bag strap

This was just before I released my first bag pattern for sale, I managed 3 last year, I'll try to double that this year! (Some for freebies though)

Number 2 on the most viewed list is: Pinned it, did it {Patchwork Bible cover}

This cover tutorial works for any book, it's just my Bible was the book with the scraggy cover!
And number 1 most viewed post of 2012 is......

(Are you getting excited yet?)

Short Hair Warning

This is still pretty much how I look every day when I wake up, but it only takes 3 minutes (ish) to put it right so I don't care! Ha! you all who take 45 minutes to do your hair, ha! 
There we go, the obligatory round up post...done! Disappointly though they're all from the first part of the year, I will have to try harder this year to post things that people want to read rather than just random ramblings!

I'll be back in a couple of days time with my goals for 2013. I've already chosen a word to try and remember this year....simplify. I bet I can't stick to it LOL!

Happy new year all! xx

p.s. one of my goals is to comment more and lurk less so if you suddenly find I'm commenting every single day on your blogs, that's why! Some of my favourite blogs that I've been following since FOREVER, have never yet had my comment on them! This year that's all changing! xx

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  1. Yeah for the new years resolution I like it. My goal is to blog more often and increase my followers.
    I'm all up for '13' too. So much easier to say!

  2. Glad you commented so that I could come find your fun blog! I'm off to check out your Scrooge post and then that adorable circle skirt!

  3. I enjoyed this post, pinned the part about the circle skirt, and am more determined than ever to phone the hair stylist and make an appointment for a hair cut. I used to wear my hair very short, then at the persistent whining from a nameless someone who lives here with me, decided to grow it out. It's been nothing but a PAIN since. My hair Wants a short life!! thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy 2013 to you, Samantha.

    Ever think about changing houses with someone in Wisconsin for just a week or so?? LOL Of course you'd have to take care of my German Shepherd and my little blind dog and my cat and... and... and... sigh. But I always think it would be so much fun to do that some time!

  4. You are too cute and too funny!
    Can't wait to see what you will be doing in "13" !


  5. Love the hair do !!!
    I look like that in the mornings too except I have shoulder length hair so you can imagine it stands up even higher ! LOL
    I am curious what you'll write about 13 ...I personally am no looking forward to this year...I'm superstitious and 13 is not my number its my turn...Bah Humbug !! LOL


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